Why should you choose HR Asia Ltd.?

HR Asia is offering a wide variety of services. With our Career Network Professionals.Asia we are offering a new and unique JobBoard for you. With Connection.Rocks we are offering you Services to organize your event. Local Services are offered by HR Asia and in cooperation with our Partner Exhibit Asia we can setup an great Exhibition booth for you. Services from all fields can be combined into one big package with huge saving for you.

Career Services

By joining our Careers Plattform, we offer you the perfect way to find the position of your dreams. It doesn't matter whether you are searching for: Internships or Professional positions. You found the right place. visit Professionals.Asia now

Local Services

Our Local services including: -Airport Pickups -Accommodation Scouting (Appartments, Hotels, etc.) -Mobile Service (SIM-Card and Metro Help) -Chinese Classes -Visa assistance -Translation Services -and much more

Exhibit Asia

By partnering up with a local exhibition booth company, we happy to provide you with Booth building and other services related to exhibitions. Visit Exhibit Asia now


We can organize Events of all kinds. “You name it, we do it” Contact us and we can assist you with your Event, we have contacts to Restaurants, Event Immobilia and much more. Visit Connection.Rocks now

About Us

HR Asia Ltd. is a young and dynamic company founded in 2014. Each member of our international team has own ties to Asia, whether they did an internship in China themselves, lived here for an extended period or are still working and living there.
The founders of HR Asia have seen many people come and go over the years and witnessed firsthand what is important as a foreigner not only when you first get here but also during your stay in China. We from HR Asia want to make your stay in Asia as smooth as possible and ensure that you get in touch with the locals, their culture and of course their language.
There will always be someone experienced on site, to assist you with any troubles you might encounter, from cultural differences, through the language barrier, to home sickness and more.
HR Asia Ltd. offers you the full range of services, from finding you an internship in a field of work of your own choice, through picking you up at the airport and welcoming you with a package of necessities for your first day, to 24h emergency service, mobile service for interns with Sim-locked phones, and finding you accommodations according to your preferences and your budget. On top of that, we will help you with the Chinese lessons, Visa, and show you the city. With HR Asia Ltd. you can rest assured that you will be in good hands, that everything will go as planned, and that you will receive help whenever you need it while doing the internship in the desired field.
For further information, please don't hesitate to take a look around the website. Or, contact us now, let us find you the internship in Shanghai, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.